We met Cyrus in March 2016 when we first visited Save an African Child – Charity Organization. He was 8 years old at that time and he was there with other children, doing homeworks with Daphine and Fiona – the two founders of the organization. We then found out that he came from a family with very big issues: when he was 3 years old, Cyrus and his 3 brothers were all poisoned by their mother – a troubled woman who had issues with her husband and in a moment of despair she decided to punish him by poisoning her own sons. Cyrus and his older brother survived and were rescued by other family members, but unfortunately his two younger brothers didn’t make it. After this tragedy their mom disappeared and nobody knows anything about their father either. The two boys have since been raised and taken care of by different family members or people with good hearts, such as Daphine and Phiona.

In 2017, while visiting some schools in Kampala, we decided to visit Cyrus as well and see how he was doing.  When we arrived at his school, his teachers told us that they didn’t know where he was as he hasn’t been to classes the last 3 days. We decided to go look for him and we found him at the house of one of his aunts. He was returning from a market, barely able to walk with the help of a stick. We asked what happened to him, why is he in that condition and why was he missing school. We found out that he was living in a small room together with other 14 adults and children… and his feet and fingers had been bitten by rats during nights. BITTEN BY RATS DURING THE NIGHT.

Overwhelmed by his unbearable situation, we decided we had to do everything we could to change his situation as soon as possible. That day we took him to the hospital where he got treated for his wounds and we made all the arrangements for him to be accepted at Katale Progressive Boarding School in Nsangi, Kampala. We were extremely happy to find understanding and support with the School’s Management who took him in their care in the same day.