Joanita Job's Tears
Joanita Job's Tears
Joanita Job's Tears

Joanita Job's Tears

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The job’s tears offer a unique feeling and an authentic aspect through their nature. The colors are unaltered and will make you feel special by wearing an accessory made from such an alternative material - job’s tears! And remember - this necklace will not only make you feel special but will hopefully also remind you every time you’re wearing it, that you’re the hero in these women’s lives.

The Maker & The Cause

The makers of our products are a group of single mothers from the suburbs of Kampala, Uganda, who are supporting their families by hand making these accessories. This product is named in honor of one of our makers - Joanita.

Additional information

    • Handmade in: Kampala, Uganda
    • Materials: Dried job’s tears seeds alternated with small black plastic beads and a silver snap clasp
    • Color: the natural color of Job’s Tears 
    • Weight: 53 grams 
    • Diameter/Length: 32 CM

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