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About Us

KALE NYABO was born from our love for Uganda and from our desire to promote the Ugandan culture while contributing to small communities’ development. We are a social enterprise aiming to empower Ugandan single moms and underprivileged children. We secure single mothers with a steady income and we support the children by investing in their education and health.

Single mothers – we identified a group of single mothers who are raising their children by making handmade jewelries and home accessories. They sell these crafts in local markets in Kampala, but due to low level of tourism, their main struggle is the uncertainty of their sales. “I can sell 3 pairs of earrings today and have food for my kids for the next 5-7 days, but I have no idea when I’ll have my next sale.” (Harriet Akello, Ugandan crafter)”

Underprivileged children –  in Uganda, free education for underprivileged children is limited due to the low number of schools that offer this option. Also, very often the schools are not within a walking distance for these families which can barely provide food for their children; therefore education is not one of the first priorities.  

Unlike a conventional business driven by profit, at Kale Nyabo we are driven by impact. By empowering the Ugandan single moms through supporting their business – we help them keep their dignity and give them the chance to offer their children a future with options rather than limitations.