Opportunity, Not Just Charity

Kale Nyabo is a social entrepreneurship start-up aiming to assist underprivileged single- mom entrepreneurs from Uganda to gain a steady income by connecting them to online markets. 50% of the profit is invested in education for underprivileged children.

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KALE NYABO [kaa:le nia:bo] – translated from Luganda means “Thank you, mom/madam”

Our main goal is to support small communities of underprivileged single mothers from Uganda who are earning their money by designing and manufacturing women accessories from different alternative materials such as seeds, beans, recycled paper and coconut shells.

“I can sell 3 pairs of earrings today, and have food for my kids for the next 5-7 days,
but I have no idea when I’ll have my next sale.” Akello – ugandan crafter

Latest News

Cyrus and His Heartbreaking Story

Remember Cyrus and our first meeting with him trough SAAC in March 2016 from our previous blog? His story broke our hearts and is one of the main motivations why we at Kale Nyabo spend 50% of our profit for the education of underprivileged children in Uganda. We went...

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Our First Meeting With SAAC & Cyrus

March 2016, Florentina and Nicki were still in Uganda and met Cyrus – a young boy who’s situation was extremely heartbreaking. Celsus Sente – a lecturer at Makerere University in Kampala and now also a part of Kale Nyabo, introduced us to Daphine and Phiona. These two...

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