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Remember Cyrus and our first meeting with him trough SAAC in March 2016 from our previous blog?

His story broke our hearts and is one of the main motivations why we at Kale Nyabo have the mission to invest in the education of underprivileged children in Uganda.

We went to visit Cyrus at school in October 2017, as he is one of the children supported by Save an African Child (SAAC), the charity organisation in Uganda we are partners with. When we arrived to his school we found out he had been missing for the past few days without anyone knowing why. So together with Daphne the Co-Founder of SAAC we decided to try to find him.

When we first met him, we were told that when he was almost 3 years old, him and his 3 brothers were all poisoned by their mother. She was having issues with her abusive husband so she decided to punish him by poisoning their children. The two younger brothers died, but Cyrus and his older brother survived.

Our search for Cyrus ended up at one of his aunt’s house. He was returning from a market barely able to walk with the help of a stick. So many questions overwhelmed us; why is he in that condition? Why is he missing school? What happened to him?! We found out that he was living in a small room together with 14 other adults and children and his feet and fingers had been bitten by rats during the night. ‘’Bitten by rats during the night?!’’

Overwhelmed and shocked by his situation, we decided we had to do everything we could to change his situation as soon as possible. 

After nearly 10 hours since we found him in the morning, Cyrus is now sleeping in his own new bed, with new bedsheets, new shoes and everything else he needs for a basic comfortable living in his new place at Katale Progressive Primary School in Kampala. We covered all the expenses including accommodation, treatment, food and school fees till the end of 2018.

Ever since we enrolled him into that boarding school he’s feeling save for the first time in his life, has many new friends, goes to school everyday and his grades are continuously improving.

We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts to every single person that helped us make this possible by donating or by purchasing our products. We hope that you can feel at least a tiny bit of the happiness that floods our hearts.


Love, Kale Nyabo