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It was February 2016, my first trip to Uganda and a life changing experience. I was excited, but still adjusting to the cultural differences and learning about what “normal” meant in that part of the world.

On a beautiful day Nicki, one of the other co-founders of Kale Nyabo and I were at a local market in Kampala looking for souvenirs and presents for our friends and families. I came across a woman that was selling beautiful earrings. She was hand making them herself from cow bones. I bought 2 pairs, one for me and one for a friend. I paid for those 2 pairs of earrings probably the equivalent of an ice cream in Denmark, yet the gratitude of the woman was overwhelming. I was very surprised by her reaction, so I wanted to hear more about her life.

She told me that she is raising her children by herself because her husband died and that she had no sales in the past few days and started to worry about being able to provide for her children, but this purchase will help her feed her children for a few days. This gave me so many mixed feelings and I kept repeating in my head “now I am able to afford food for my children for few days”…

Nicki and I talked about this all the way home and this was the moment when we realised how fortunate we are for being born in a different side of the world. So little for us means so much for them.

We realised that we can’t remain indifferent to this and we decided that we will find a way to help, sooner or later…

Love, Kale Nyabo