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In honor of winning last year’s Championship in Entrepreneurship Kale Nyabo was invited back on stage for this years Championship in Copenhagen. 

Winning last year’s championship came as a huge surprise and with a rollercoaster of new experiences and opportunities. It is a day that Kale Nyabo will never forget, but this year it was up to many new teams to pitch their business ideas and to fight for the title of 2019. Kale Nyabo was invited back on stage this year, to share their experiences since winning the championship, but also to offer some tips and advice to this year’s competitors.

‘’Do what you do with passion and be ready to pitch at anytime, day or night.’’

So what has happened in the past year for Kale Nyabo after winning the Danish National Championship?

After winning the Danish Championship, Kale Nyabo qualified for the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge that occurred one month later in Latvia. As many of you might know, Kale Nyabo won the VISA everywhere digital commerce award. So, a few months later Kale Nyabo went to visit VISAs headquarters in London for a productive day with their experts. Through this many new ideas came to life and Kale Nyabo has been working on implementing these ever since.  

With hard work and passion, Kale Nyabo also managed to increase their sales and had great success at the Christmas market in Aarhus. This helped to increase the number of single mothers and children that we are supporting and to provide approximately 60 children with school materials, such as books, pencils, notebooks, etc. However, this is not only on us, but all on you who supported us with each and every purchase!

Kale Nyabo also got accepted for the micro grant from the Danish foundation for entrepreneurship in cooperation with Tuborg. This grant will also help the team to move forward and being recognized by Tuborg through our focus on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development is also a real honor.

Then last, but definitely not least, we had one of our amazing girls: Sherina go through a very critical stage, but she’s been operated and is doing very well. All about her in the next blog!

All in all it was an exciting day for us, being back on stage and to see the teams pitch. We also want to congratulate all the teams for getting this far and all the winning teams with their prizes. Remember, the connections made can be worth more than the money!


Love, Kale Nyabo