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School fees

We, at Kale Nyabo, believe that one of the most important steps towards a better future is education. And that is the reason for which we are trying to support children from underprivileged families by covering their school fees and encouraging them to study hard and pursue their dreams.

In Uganda education is not for free, every 3rd month there has to be paid a tuition fee in order for the child to be allowed to continue studying. For the elementary schools that we are focusing on, this tuition can vary from 90 – 500 dkk per 3 months, according to the services and conditions that the schools are offering (food, boarding etc.).

At the moment we are covering the school fees for Patience and Noreen from Kibuye Primary School, Joan from Talented Junior School Ggangu and Cyrus, Jeremy and Lenon at Katale Progressive Primary School. Our intention is to continue paying for their school fees and help as many other children as possible on a long-term.