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Sherina is a 9 years old girl from Kitebi district of Kampala. She was born healthy, but around the age of 3 she started developing Sickle Cells Anemia. This disease affected mostly her ability to walk, as her legs became very weak. Because of this Sherina can’t have a normal life and can’t go to school as other children of her age.


In order to help her walk again, Sherina needed 2 types of special prothesis to support her legs, one pair for day and one pair for night. Betty, her mother – tried to raise the money for these prothesis for years, but with her low income and many mouths to feed, it was basically impossible.

In October 2017, with the help of our Ugandan partner – Save an African Child Charity, we managed to take Sherina to the hospital where the doctors took all her measurements for the prothesis and got them made specially for her.

With the help of her mother, Sherina is now using them day and night, and we are looking forward to see her improvement over the years.